Top 5 Maternity Insurance Policies in India

Maternity is a life changing experience for a couple but the rising cost could intimidate you and tamper the joyous occasion. By choosing to buy maternity insurance online and staying prepared for the situation will ensure it becomes a memorable moment forever.

How maternity insurance works?

Most health insurance policies have an additional clause that allows individuals to cover maternity expenses. Many corporate companies provide it as a benefit for their married women employees because an individual maternity insurance policy is more valuable and reliable than a joint coverage policy.

The coverage generally includes hospitalization for up to 30 days, room charges, operation procedure expenses, consultation fee and associated medical expenses. Each company provides a different solution and this top 5 maternity insurance policies in India should match the requirement of most people.

Star Health Pregnancy Cover

Star Health insurance is a popular brand in the medical sector. Their pregnancy cover includes every essential expense including surgical procedure for complications and they provide maximum coverage of up to 10 lakhs.

Max Bupa Heartbeat Family Floater

Heartbeat Family Floater plans are common in most policies and the one offered by Max Bupa has three variants, silver, gold and platinum to choose from. All three offers pregnancy coverage up to two deliveries and covers child vaccination expenses after birth.

Royal Sundaram Total Health Plus

Total Health Plusis a complete solution from Royal Sundaram. However, the maximum sum availed is less compared to other policies at Rs. 50,000. While it covers every expense, the policy can be availed only after three years since inception and is an ideal choice only for planned pregnancy.

Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus

Cigna TTK ProHealth Plus is a reliable policy which has a couple of benefits including vaccination cover and up to Rs. 25,000 for caesarian delivery. The policyoffers coverage up to Rs. 10 lakhs but can be availed only after two years.

Apollo Munich Easy Health Family Floater

Apollo Munich is one of the top brands and is one of the best maternity insurance policy online. Individuals can choose between three different types. The premium plan, the most beneficial of them all is a comprehensive insurance policy as it covers both pre and post pregnancy expenses.

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