A Quick Guide to Applying for a Motor Insurance Claim

If you have the unfortunate experience of meeting with a car accident, you need to begin the motor insurance claim process right after the accident. Whether the accident involves collision with another vehicle, damage, knocking over a pedestrian or causing the death of another person, it can be extremely stressful and traumatic. However, you need to keep your emotions aside and begin the motor insurance claim filing process so that at least part of your woes can be addressed.

Steps to Take After Car Accident to Make a Claim

Any car insurance claim advice will tell you to take the following measures:

1) Collect the Details

Take down notes with regard to all the relevant information that you see at the accident site. Even if you observe something minor, don’t neglect it. Jot it down. Click photographs with your mobile phone of your car and the other vehicle. Also, click photographs of the accident site. Remember, it is important to record and note the minutest of details as they can make a huge difference to your claim application being approved or denied.

2) Get Details of the Witnesses

Ask eye witnesses for their phone number and address. These witnesses can corroborate your story if it was not your fault when you file a claim against your car insurance policy. Basically, the insurance company will get in touch with them if they want to find out the actual cause of the accident.

3) Record the Nature of Your Injury

In case you were injured in the accident, record the nature of your injury. If possible, click photographs of the injury and make sure you keep all treatment and medical records related to the injury carefully.

4) Get the Case Number from the Police

If the police were called to the accident site, and they register a case, get the case number and a copy of the FIR from the police. Without an FIR and police records, your motor insurance claim may get rejected.

5) Get Insurance Details of the Other Party

If you have had a collision, get the insurance details of the other vehicle owner. This will allow your insurance provider to get in touch with the other person’s provider to amicably sort out the problem.

6) The Next Step

Remember, it is important to stay calm after an accident. Otherwise, you will forget to jot down important details. Once you have the information listed above, get in touch with your insurance provider and let them know about the accident. Follow the procedure as mentioned in your motor insurance policy to ensure you get the claim in the quickest time possible.


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